With so many demands in your work, how and when can you make sure that family responsibilities take precedence? In this episode, MDRT members share how they have found balance in and out of the office and the surprising results they have seen with clients.

You’ll hear from:

Brian D. Cichy, BS, CLTC
Fred O’Connor, ChFC, CFP

Episode breakdown:

0:34 – Working tirelessly to begin your career and lacking balance
1:36 – Never having to choose between an appointment and your family
2:11 – Why clients respond to you prioritizing your life outside the office
4:26 – How balance can be more difficult when starting later and continuing to learn
5:24 – Meeting people by participating in activities with family and local organizations

  • Balanced Living

You will not become who you are meant to be if you do not stop being who you are.