Use stories to explain need for income replacement

Real-life examples can help emphasize the importance of protection.

Many clients think that nothing bad will ever happen to them, or simply that they’re healthy enough not to need certain coverage. In this episode, MDRT members explain how sharing stories about clients who have experienced something unexpected help clients and prospects recognize the need for income protection.

You’ll hear from:

Everett Revere Foxx
Steven Genoff, CFP
Brandon Green, ChFC, CLU
Dana Mitchell, CLU, CFP

Episode breakdown:

0:36 – How specific stories connect the dots
2:15 – Why you should start with planning, not protection
3:58 – Helping a client when the hypothetical becomes the reality
5:08 – Identifying the threats to a client’s plan
5:45 – How clients react to hearing troubling stories
7:08 – When they still don’t want to move forward

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