We know (and have) what this profession takes.

In the MDRT Academy, MDRT members and other top advisors will support you through their expertise and help you achieve your professional goals.

First-year membership dues are now $150

  • MDRT-quality resources and support

    Bimonthly Webcasts, in-depth Performance Guides, articles, videos, podcast episodes and more can be accessed through the website and mobile app.

  • Personalized membership journey

    Take the four-part Assessment to identify your strengths and growth areas, then receive Weekly Growth Plans based on your results.

  • Goal-setting and -tracking features

    Track day-to-day activities and progress, and unlock messages from the MDRT President after you hit key production milestones.

  • Insider access to MDRT events

  • Suite of promotional member assets

  • MDRT mentoring opportunities

*MDRT Academy membership dues are $275 for returning members. First-year members will pay $150 if they join before September 30. First-year members joining after September 30 will pay prorated dues based on when they join.

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To become an MDRT Academy member, you’ll need to create an account, enter your production and pay membership dues.

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Membership details

  • You can join the current membership year at any time.

  • Membership expires each year on December 31.

  • You cannot be a member of both MDRT and the MDRT Academy.

Available regions

Australia; Canada; Hong Kong, China; India; Indonesia; Jamaica; Malaysia; New Zealand; Philippines; Singapore; United Kingdom; United States; Vietnam

Production requirements

Made less than USD 66,000 in Commissions and less than USD 132,000 in Premiums the previous year. Made more than that? You may qualify for MDRT! LEARN MORE

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