11 ways to overcome prospecting anxiety

Changing your mindset can lead to better prospecting.

Fear of rejection is one of the biggest reasons people hesitate to prospect. Fear of rejection throws you into negative emotion, negative behavior and negative results.

There is uncertainty when we prospect. Uncertainty fuels anxiety. It is the not knowing that leads to distress that stimulates fear. Fear creates doubt, and doubt wastes energy.

Fear-based thoughts secrete cortisol, which triggers cortisol-producing behavior — fight, flee, freeze or appease.

With an optimistic, curious and learned mind-set, you secrete oxytocin — the happy hormone, the cuddle chemical and the moral molecule.

How to secrete more oxytocin:

  •         Ask yourself “what if” questions.
  •         Think about what you and your prospect have in common at a deep level.
  •         Be honest.
  •         Write down 100 aspirations and read a few every day first thing in the morning.
  •         Articulate and remember your value: Why do you do what you do? What makes you different from other advisors? Why should the prospect buy from you?
  •         Have a healthy inner dialogue: “I love my life.” “I love my business.” “I am valuable.” “I have an unlimited supply of prospects.” “I am welcome everywhere I go.” “I love me.” “I love humanity.” “I love my family.” “I love helping people achieve their goals.”
  •         Exercise every day.
  •         Walk in nature.
  •         Think about all your clients and how much they appreciate you.
  •         Limit sugar and alcohol intake.
  •         Refocus, redirect, reframe, recommit, reinvigorate daily.
Connie F. Kadansky is a sales coach in Phoenix, Arizona.