Knowing your purpose helps you reach your potential

It’s important to have a passion for something bigger than yourself.

We are all connected by the good work we do. We’re connected by our ability to serve people, to make their lives better, to help them sleep peacefully and look forward with hope. We do that every day, and we do it well.

If you’re just closing cases, there is more for you to do. If you’re only seeing prospects and not people, there is more for you to know. If you just care about making money, and don’t realize or care that you’re also making a difference, there is more for you to be.

You are not just showing up for work. You are showing up because people need you. But you also have to show up for yourself — be present in your own life. If you’re not willing to do that, how can you ask your clients to commit to doing it? Never forget that. Take it with you into the office, and communicate it to your team.

Scientists say that meaningful work engages you and that you are more committed to doing whatever it takes to become successful when you know that your work means something to others.

A recent study found that people who believe their work has meaning are more likely to work at their peak potential. They lead more satisfying lives. And they have richer relationships.

When I see a mother and father exhale because they know their kids are going to college, I see my daughters. When I know a church won’t lose its place of worship because I helped the pastor or the elder board put some safeguards in place, I feel blessed to be a blessing.

When sons and daughters can take care of their sick or aging parents without fear of losing everything, I am reminded that helping people plan for tomorrow is the kindest, most caring thing we can do.

If you’re good at what you do, you can do it for a long time. But if you have a passion for something bigger than yourself, I think you can do it forever. The sky is the limit.

Sol Hicks is an MDRT member from Acworth, Georgia.
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