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A demanding industry demands a better resource.

Whether you’re an advisor, a life insurance or multi-line agent, or any other financial professional, you get it. This line of work is constantly changing. (And it doesn’t wait for anyone.) Consistently finding the right solutions is critical and bringing anything less than your A game won’t do. It’s a good thing you’re here.

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Prove yourself.
Improve yourself.

The MDRT Academy is a professional association for future-focused financial pros. Those looking to reach MDRT-level production, and then go further. All of our members — from up-and-comers to proven performers — have joined to continuously advance their careers to the next level.

And that’s exactly what we help them do.

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Academy members can work one-on-one with MDRT members!

You can level up your MDRT Academy experience by participating in the MDRT Mentoring Program, where you have the opportunity to learn directly from one of the best in the business.

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By the best, for the best.

Created by MDRT, the industry’s premier association, and field-tested by advisors and organizations, the MDRT Academy is your fast track to premier status.

A new kind of association.

Digital by design.

With your profession demanding an always-on, always-running mindset, we needed to operate the same way. That’s why our association is digital. We give you exclusive access to MDRT members, gold-standard content, performance-driving features and more through an intuitive website and mobile application. Anytime. Anywhere. What’s more — membership gets you next-level access to virtual and in-person MDRT events and engagements.

Gold-standard content.

The last thing you want is unvetted, ineffective resources. Here, you can rest assured you’re getting top-level, high-engagement content, because our entire catalog is either MDRT-original or MDRT-approved. It also engages on multiple levels. If you’re a visualizer, watch and learn from a range of videos and interactive webinars. If you’re an academic, dive into articles, podcasts and comprehensive Performance Guides. It’s all inside.

Personalized to you.

Another advisor’s path to excellence may not be the same as yours. That’s why the MDRT Academy isn’t a class or program, it’s an association that delivers an experience customized to each individual member. As soon as you join up, you’ll take the Assessment to identify professional strengths and opportunities for growth. Based on your results, we’ll send content and goal recommendations personalized to your specific needs.

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Higher-performance ready.

Finding an insider hub of evolving content you know you can count on is one thing. Seeing its impact on your business and your career in real time is another. As an MDRT Academy member, you’ll have the power to set custom goals, track your performance and reach your ultimate destination. Whether it’s MDRT membership or achieving premier professional status, this is your portal to getting there.

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  • Icon requirements


    • Select English-speaking countries
    • Non-MDRT qualifying advisors
  • $ 275

    Annual dues

    For those joining July 1 or after, the membership dues are $137.50. Your membership expires Dec. 31, 2022.

  • Icon calendar

    Join any time

    The sooner you join, the more time you'll get out of your membership.

  • Icon devices

    Access granted

    Log in on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Time to really get invested.

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Got Q's? Get A's.

  • In the app and on the website, you can create and explore goals, and then actively track your performance against them. And if you’re actively engaging with the Academy and these resources, you’ll see tangible differences in the ways you conduct business and connect with your clients.

  • Yes! In the U.S. and Canada, you’ll be able to attend local MDRT networking events and join a virtual MDRT Book Club. And starting in 2021, if you reach a specified production level, you’ll have the opportunity to register to attend an MDRT meeting, space permitting.

  • The Academy was created by MDRT to help financial professionals reach MDRT-level production.

  • By going digital, we’re able to provide you with on-demand access to the resources, tools and connections you need to thrive in a demanding industry.

Testimonial 1

“As a young financial advisor aspiring to get to the next level, the MDRT Academy app was the perfect tool. It allowed me to keep track of my goals and obtain the resources I needed to conduct my practice in a tech-focused world.”

Brandon Heckert

Former MDRT Academy member,
Current MDRT member

“I wish I had the MDRT Academy when I was first starting out. There's no doubt in my mind that I'd have improved my business faster and become better at client service sooner. If you want a fast track to MDRT qualification, there's no finer resource.”

Ian Green

MDRT member

“The MDRT Academy has provided a sound structure for building the relationship I have with my mentor on both a professional and personal level. The wide variety of learning opportunities has created value for both of us!”

Hunter Lord

MDRT Academy member

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Digital by design.

There’s a reason you have in-house training programs and resources. It’s so you can develop your advisors’ skills and help them perform at a level above the rest. The MDRT Academy isn’t aimed at replacing those investments you’ve made. It’s aimed at building on them. This association will mobilize your advisors with an engaging, on-demand training ground where they can hone their skills every single day.

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Gold-standard resource.

You have to be selective about the outside tools you introduce to your advisors. Why settle for anything less than the best in the business? Created by MDRT, the MDRT Academy equips your advisors with top-level tools and content, and gives them access to both in-person and virtual MDRT events. The perfect combination for implementing an MDRT culture in your organization.

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Personalized to your advisors.

Each advisor and organization has specific strengths, interests and needs. That’s why we created — and continue to expand — our highly diversified content catalog. From target marketing and insurance solutions to business processes and balanced living, we have everything your advisors need to level up their game. (Again and again.)

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Higher-performance ready.

The MDRT Academy is a high-engagement performance driver with game-changing adaptiveness. Whether you’re looking to accelerate company production, elevate new advisors during the onboarding process or keep your experienced advisors reaching for more, we’ve got you covered. With so many ways to activate the Academy, it’s the ultimate business advantage.

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  • Icon entry level


    Fewer than 50 advisors in the MDRT Academy

    With entry-level membership, you'll receive:

    • Downloadable resources for internal promotion with advisors
    Download Requirements
  • Icon next level


    50 or more advisors in the MDRT Academy

    With next-level membership, you'll receive:

    • Downloadable resources for internal promotion with advisors
    • Semi-annual reports on advisors' usage and engagement
    • Exclusive webinar helping advisors get the most out of the association
    Download Requirements

Time to dig deeper.

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Got Q's? Get A's.

  • While you won’t be able to monitor your advisors’ in-app activity, there’s plenty of other ways to find out if the Academy is making a difference. At next-level membership, you’ll receive semi-annual reports outlining your advisors’ usage and engagement. You can also go straight to your advisors! Ask them about something they’ve learned, how they’ve applied their learnings in the field, and what personal goals they’ve been able to hit.

  • Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) is the Premier Association of Financial Professionals. The MDRT Academy is a new kind of association, created by MDRT, to help advisors reach MDRT-level production. Advisors cannot be members of both.

  • The MDRT Mentoring Program pairs those aspiring to join MDRT with current MDRT members. In the program, each advisor is able to build a one-on-one relationship with an MDRT member, tap into their experience and learn how to stay on track toward MDRT qualification. Advisors can be a part of both the MDRT Academy and MDRT Mentoring Program as long as they meet the requirements.

  • Yes! Instead of having your advisors enroll individually, you can have multiple advisors join at once. Use the internal promotion resources, talk to your advisors about membership and provide a list of advisors for the Academy to auto-join.

  • The first thing to do is request a demo! One of our MDRT Academy consultants will provide you with further information on the Academy and various resources you can use for internal promotion.

Testimonial 2

“The MDRT Academy is an absolute asset to our team, and our representatives and advisors use it daily to gain top-tier training content that they can immediately take to the field and apply to their client planning strategies. The convenience of the mobile app makes it super easy to quickly access this material on demand when we find downtime between client appointments.”

Micah Dixon

Transamerica Agency Network

Keep up with the MDRT Academy